Women clothing

Hey, girls! We know your wardrobe can be unbearable sometimes. And we feel for you when you say “some stuff has to go”! Well, we’re here to support you. With the economy at the moment, we’d understand why you need to let go of your branded clothes, branded bags, branded shoes and basically anything branded that you are attached to. When you need a new wardrobe, the reality is you really need to let go of the new one.

Here at The Second Closet UK, you can destash your items so other fashionistas can make use of them. Basically, all you need to do is register an account and you can already start selling. Upload your items, make sure to add a brief but rich description of what you are selling and include the condition of your item so other women will know what to expect.

This is an advertising platform so you can be sure that the owners of this website will not get a cut from your sales. The transaction will only be between you and your buyer. We are simply here to make the process easy for everyone who supports upcycling in the fashion industry. 


Men clothing

Men are also very luxurious nowadays. This is why you will see almost an equal amount of male models and female models during runway shows for big names in the fashion industry. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can afford it. So if you have second-hand branded clothes for men, branded shoes for men or simply any branded fashion item men can use, you can advertise it on this website for a very minimal or no fee at all.

As a seller and a fashion enthusiast, you will want to upgrade your style or stay in season with your wardrobe. You will discover that you won’t need to shell out cash for new items because your old items will do that for you. Men from the UK visit this website all the time to buy items for their wardrobe. So if you have anything lying around that you don’t use anymore, then it’s best that you make money from it.

A tip we could give you to ensure to close a sale right away is to write a description that is clear and straight to the point. Include how long you’ve had the item, an estimate of how many times it has been used and other important points like any damages it may have and how much you bought it for. This kind of transparency in advertising platforms will definitely help you sell easier!